Omni William Penn Hotel
75th Annual Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA
March 24-28, 2015

Continuity and Change

The 2015 SfAA Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to celebrate the Society’s rich history over the last seven and a half decades and to represent through our work and prospects for the future the vitality and practical value of anthropology and the associated applied social sciences and humanities.

The Society for Applied Anthropology held its first meeting in 1941, in an atmosphere of confidence in the future.  How did we meet that challenge, and how have we fared since?  To what extent have we stayed the same and how have we changed? 

How has the work of anthropology and applied social science changed?  How can our meetings better reflect the dramatic changes that have occurred in respect to the variety of places in which anthropologists and other social scientists are now employed?  What changes in work and employment might be anticipated for the future?

How has the scope of anthropology and applied social science changed?  We continue to contribute to knowledge and practice in such areas as health, development, education, diversity, environment, immigration and displacement.  More recent foci include sustainability, food systems, tourism, shelter and homelessness, policy research, heritage and cultural conservation, and globalization.  Presentations in all these areas are welcome, as are contributions that expand our horizons even further.

How has the training of future anthropologists and applied social scientists changed?  What issues have surfaced in preparing students for new careers?  How have applied training programs and other academic departments responded? How can our efforts be improved?

How has our mission changed?  What are the challenges we have faced in our professional ethics?  How do changes in our conditions evoke new challenges?  What is the responsibility of the Society and of the Annual Meetings to set an example for ethical responsibility?

In planning the 2015 Annual Meeting we recognize the place in which we will be meeting.  We welcome sessions, activities, and events devoted to topics that are of interest to the people of the Pittsburg metropolitan region, and we will endeavor to encourage active public participation in our meetings.

We sincerely invite your advice, suggestions, and participation. 

Orit Tamir, Ph.D.
SfAA 2014 Program Chair


Program Committee

Erve Chambers helps in his capacity as Strategic Planning Consultant, SfAA Annual Meetings.

Rebecca Austin
Erika Dekas
Ted Downing
Gloria Gadsden
Christine Ho
Kirk Jalbert
Terry Jeggle

Tazin Karim
Jim McDOnald
Eve Pinsker
Alicia Re Cruz
Jeanne Marie Stumpf-Carome
Betsy Taylor
Ruthy Watson


Cluster Leaders/Assistants to the Chair

Ennis Barbers
Elaine Bennette
Don Brenneis
AJ Fass
Brian Foster
Judith Freidenberg
Christine Ho
Kirk Jalbert
Tess Kulstad

Lisa Markowitz
Maryann McCabe
Kathleen Musante (SfAA President Elect)
Heather Resinger
Jeanne Simonelli
Kristin Sullivan
Betsy Taylor
Alaka Wali